• The mathematica final project. We had a short Mathematica workshop on Tuesday. Here is the Mathematica file authored during the workshop.
  • Major points about the project:
    • Be creative. Acknowledge any sources used. In doubt, check with Oliver.
    • Each one submits an individual project. Checking with each other is fine. But each should have something original.
    • The deadline is strict. The email should have the date of Saturday or earlier. A project arriving with a July 30 date does not qualify.
    • Submit the Mathematica .nb file, ONE file. If possible, call the file with your name. If the graphics is too large, remove the graphics first before emailing it in. I need the Mathematica code however.
    • Save the project regularily. Also versions. Work so that you have a reasonable project at all time, then push it as far as you can.
We will have lectures in Harvard Hall: (click on a picture to see it larger):