Math E-320: Fall 2015
Teaching Math with a Historical Perspective
Mathematics E-320:
Instructor: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 432

about the project

Its a good time to think about the project. The title this semester is
"Ten core concepts or ideas in mathematics". 
If you have some ideas or drafts, you can bounce them by me any time. You are quite free but there are two constraints: The title of the project is fixed, the structure should look as follows. Each chapter is a short story (could be 2 pages with references). Its fine to restrict the topics to a particular field you care about, or to a particular time or take a particular point of view. Experience has shown however that narrowing the topics down can be hard. Here is an example of a title structure (which is on the very narrow side as it all deals with concepts Euler found):
Ten core concepts or ideas in mathematics
by Leonard Euler,        October 19, 2015

1. The Euler pentagonal theorem
2. The Euler polyhedral formula
3. Euler's solution to the Basel problem
4. The Euler number
5. The Koenigsberg problem
6. The even perfect numbers
7. The concept of the number 1
8. The Euler step
9. The Euler equations in fluid dynamics
10. The Euler angles
Here is an example of a title structure, which is more global
Ten core concepts or ideas in mathematics
by Archimedes,        October 19, 2015

1. The number system
2. The concept of a function
3. The concept of a limit
4. The idea of symmetry 
5. Equations and their solutions
6. Inequalities 
7. The idea of infinity 
8. The concept of proof
9. The idea of prime numbers
10. The notion of integrability

About the parameters

For the project, the A) bibliography and sources, B) math and theme, C) clarity and style and D) originality and freshness are relevant. There will be score for each of the 4 parts we will then average them for the total:
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