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Project information:
Oliver Knill
Harvard University
Department of Mathematics
One Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Tel: (617) 495 5549

Some guidelines

  • Some preliminary technical guidelines for writing "memory chunks" feeded to Sofia.
    • ascii fortune format, use % to seperate entries
    • [definitions] may contain many words
    • {references} should match [definitions]
    • no {}, [] brackets in the rest of the text
    • $TeX code$ can contain any brackets inside
    • no references to obvious things like "set", "number" or "derivative"
    • no _underline_, *emphasize* , SHOUT or s-p-e-l-l
    • ascii formulas x^3 + y^2 = 1 and _/ f(x) dx > 0. or TeX formulas $x^3+y^3=1$ and $\int f(x) dx > 0$.
    • no tex macros, no fancy formatting in formulas.
    • use a 'hard return' after no more than 80 characters
    • files contain only ASCII symbols
    • author textfiles with text editors like for example "vi", "emacs" or "pico".
  • Some preliminary guidelines for content:
    • be as simple, brief, clear and correct as possible
    • english only, other languages will added in seperate files
    • be redundant, entries will in general be accessed without background
    • keep nonmathematical stuff politically, ideologically, philosophically and religiously neutral.
    • avoid formulas, if it can be told without it
    • whenever possible, give examples
    • to collect and translate material, use only simple tools: shellscripts, perl translators etc.
    • material (database and scripts) will be in the public domain or GPLd
    • authors reformulate everything new, in their own words, respect copyrights
    • use as many sources as possible, list bibliography/sources in header
    • reserve time for proofreading

Project funded by Provost's fund for teaching and learning