Map Minuteman bikepath
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Two nice 1 hour skating extensions from the end of the Minuteman bikepath (orange) in Bedford (both are 2 hour skating rides from Arlington and also nice for bikes). In all cases, continue into the same direction, until reaching the Bedford middle school area (less than a mile from the end of the bikepath). Scate through the school area to reach the main road in Bedford, where you turn left riding down to the 225. Continue on the 225 and cross the Concord river.

Towards Carlisle via Concord.

After climbing a short hill after the sign of Carlisle, take the first main road left towards Concord. In Concord follow the main street back to Bedford.

Through Carlisle towards Billerica

Continue through Carlisle, turn right on the "East road". Very nice ride from on a smooth, fast road to Rio Vista, ride back on Nashua Road to Bedford.

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