Cape Ann running, December 28-30, 2008

Running in the snow with a 360 degree camera, on January 1, 2009.

Cape Ann is nice for running. There are some nice (evenso for the newcomer hard to find trails). Here are three running routes I enjoyed during our holiday getaway on December 2008. Some panoramas.

From Rockport to North Gloucester and back on route 127a. The exit of the trail can be tricky, since most area there is private.

Nice trail, was not easy to run due to many melted snow puddles. No problems however to enter and exit the trail. There would have been some alternative trails to try out here. There area is great. The street run back on 127a is not too busy with cars in the winter.
Route 127 is quite busy. I had wanted to go through the Reservoir but this is kept inaccessible. From 127A, return through Farm Lane. There is a second trail into the direction of Gloucester which I first took by mistake at dawn.