Harvard University,FAS
Spring 2001

Mathematics Math21b
Spring 2001

Linear Algebra
and Differential equations

Course Head: Richard Taylor

Office: SciCtr 539
Email: rtaylor@math.harvard.edu
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First midterm: The first midterm is on Monday March 5th from 7:00-8:45pm in Science Center Hall C. The actual exam will last 90 minutes. No calculators will be allowed. Past exams are available for practice here . Many of the CAs are holding review sessions during their regular sections this week. You may attend any of these. Times of sections are available here .
Homework: Homework solutions are online.
Text: Please buy the first edition of the course text, `Linear Algebra with Applications' by Otto Bretscher. This is the edition available at the Coop, but some other booksellers may be selling the second edition. (The course has been planned around the first edition, because the publishers told us the second edition would not be ready in time.)

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