Linear algebra

I started official computer algebra projects in linear algebra in 2007. Most students have learned Mathematica earlier in multivariable calculus and anyway use the software for checking homework etc. But since 2007, students turned in a project.

Dynamical systems

Lab page.

Summer school

Summer school Mathematica projects are often adapted directly from multivariable calculus courses. Later I used the summer to try out newer things, especially after a Mathematica version update. Some student galleries: summer 2013, summer 2012, summer 2011, and Gallery summer 2010, and Gallery summer 2009, and Gallery summer 2007, summer 2006, summer 2005, summer 2004, summer 2003.

Multivariable calculus

More Galleries: fall 2008, fall 2007, fall 2006, spring 2006, fall 2005, spring 2004.

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