Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra for General Education

In the academic year 2009/2009, decisions had to be made which courses would pass the transition from the "Core" to "General Education". We had to write proposals stating why our courses would qualify. In the book "Descartes Dream", Davis and Hersh state in 1986 at a few places, where mathematics is relevant in life. Most of it makes the case for multivariable calculus and linear algebra. Here is a citation

"The life sciences of biology and medicine are increasingly mathematical. The mechanisms controlling physiological processes, genetics, morphology, population dynamics, epidemiology, and ecology all have been supplied with mathematical basis. In sociology and psychology, the record is spottier. The accumulation and interpretation of psycho-social statistics is a big business, often leading to governmental action. Statistical sampling, polling, and testing may change our commercial and political policies. Economic theory cannot now be understood without a fair background in mathematics. The theory of competition, of business cycles and equilibria require mathematics of the deepest sort. Game theory, decision theory, optimization strategies may be called on to arrive at commercial and military policy. It is possible that your retirement fund has made its investments by utilizing the newly created portfolio theory and that the quality of our future life on earth will be predicted by the methods of economic time series analysis. Industrial or institutional operations may be laid out by using mathematical scheduling theory. linguistics is now more about formal languages than about the compilation of a Navaho-English dictionary. Mathematics has reached into musical composition, choreography, and art. All computerizations have a mathematical underly. The digital computer is the mathematical instrument par excellence. The latest digital recording of Bach's B -minor Mass is produced by filtering acoustic wave forms by means of the Fast Fourier Transform - in chip form. Do you want to understand how a rat learns to tread a maze? Then an appropriate Markoff matrix will tell you, through the rat may complain that its behavior is oversimplified thereby.