This is an archived page from the year 1997. Olivers page is here.
Virtual run, Tucson Arizona, Oliver Knill

Virtual Run (February 19, 1997)

Run to the Desert Lab

  1. The runner (on a hill about here (link added 2006)
  2. Near Highland
  3. On the 6'th street
  4. After crossing 6'th street
  5. Approaching height downtown
  6. View to Tucson downtown
  7. Crossing railway
  8. Tucson electric power
  9. The freeway 10
  10. Crossing Santa Cruz "river"
  11. Direction St Mary
  12. Sign Pima community college
  13. StMary hospital and hill
  14. Entering the desert lab, finally no more cars!
  15. Great view onto Tucson
  16. The red buildings of UofA
  17. The small telescope Link to Google maps (added 2006).

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