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"Selected topics in the calculus of variations", by J. Moser (1928-1999), lecture notes from 1988 at ETH in german (new typeset in LaTeX). (a few new pages)
Tuxtops laptop page
Page on Gradus Suavitatis
Page on Turing maschine
Pendulum with moving suspension
Flexible surface
The Stoermer problem
New Rheinfalls panorama
Texas Panorama, Austin
Texas Panorama, Enchanted Rock
Valentine Tree (L-System)
Vortex dynamics in
On the cohomology of discrete abelian group actions (now on mp_arc in LaTeX and PS form)
An existence theorem for Vlasov gas dynamics in regions with moving boundary (LaTeX and PS formats on mp_arc)
Billiards in regions with moving boundary, (illustration)
Revised version of paper: Fluctuation bounds for subharmonic functions. (LaTeX and PS formats on mp_arc)
Bouncing particle system.
Three body evolution.
The Wojtkowski particle system
A hike in the Swiss mountains
A view into the Baltschiedertal, a valley in Wallis
A panorama from a Swiss alp
The village Uhwiesen

A talk on billiards (Dec. 1999) (85K PS File) 1.Page Gif (81K) 2.Page Gif (70K)

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