This is an archived page from the year 1999. Olivers page is here.
Oliver Hobbies
I like to swim run or bike. In Switzerland, I enjoyed paragliding climbing
The first picture from the appartment in Austin is outdated. There are now some more computers ... . The second picture shows the Next running Nextstep. The machine is still very useful as a backup host or online Webster (or to play the helicopter game "blast") Beside a Sparc station LX sometimes running Gnu/Linux (nawo again with Solaris to serve as a print host for the Sparc printer) the 8 years old Next which is in great shape, two Macintoshs, there are now two PC's (Pentium II, AMD K6). They run Linux, the Redhat improvement Mandrake Linux now powers mostly the little network. The Sparc LX is visible in the very right picture is sandwiched between two Sun harddrives. Here is the startup page of one of the Apache servers on machine "knill1" (Links to local files are disabled).
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I'm frequenly sitting at my 10 years old Korg Midi Piano (sometimes assisted by an slightly outdated (60Mhz) PowerMac ). The Piano with Mac are visible in the left above picture.

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