This is an archived page from the year 1997. Olivers page is here.
Gif Movies of Oliver Knill
The second longest Gif movie (repeats only after 2000 current ages of the universe). The longest Gif movie (repeats after more than 1 googol (10 100 ) ages of the universe). Has more frames than the number of atoms in the universe.
These Examples were done using MATHEMATICA on a SUN or my NEXT, converted to GIF files under UNIX using the PBM routines and then processed with GIFBUILDER 0.3 (a program of Yves Piguet. It is downloadable here ) on my Powerbook MAC. Recent versions were done with my Mathematica Package MATHEMATICA GIF movies under UNIX which allows Mathematica directly to export the Gif Movie. Here my Mathematica Package GMT_3.0.m for Gif-Movie exportation with Mathematica 3.0 You might need the gifmerge.tgz package and the netpbm.tgz package.
Beside my Mathematica code for the movies, I used data obtained by Monwhea Jeng (using a C code written during a SURF project at Caltech ). The almost periodic Cellular Automata Movie uses Mathematica CA routines developed together with Bert Hof while doing research on almost periodic CA.

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