The longest movie (featured by Oliver Knill )

This movie will repeat only in 10 128 seconds (these are 10 28 Googol's ). In comparison, the universe is 10 17 seconds old. The whole movie was generated under Linux using Mathematica . See my routines MATHEMATICA GIF movies under UNIX . See also the second longest Gif movie .
The color of the cell with coordinates (i,j) is the RGB (red,green,blue) color (i*16,j*16,k*16) where k is an integer modulo 8 which changes with time cyclically. The internal update-time at the node (i,j) is p(i,j)/100 seconds, where p(i,j) is the (3+i*8+j)'th prime number. The smallest common multiple or these time steps determines the period of the movie.
Note that the whole GIF movie has only 17K. That's not a lot for a movie which has more frames than the number of atoms in the universe!
A nontrivial question is whether the individual cells really evolve independently of each other or whether there is some nonlinear global coupling between the different "oscillators" for example because the browser does not catch up updating.
Oliver Knill, June 1998