Old pages from my old personal website at UT

( Archived version of the homepage)

Old interests of Oliver Knill

Toral flows
Unitary dynamics
Coupled map lattices
Vlasov dynamics
Nonlinear waves
Random operators
Monotone twist maps
Inverse problems
Cellular automata
Sphere packing
Ergodic cohomology

Old Slides

[SOUTHWEST WESTERN STATES 1996 ] [AMSTALK Los Angeles 1995   ] [AMSTALK Pasadena 1996      ]
[AMSTALK Memphis rsp. 1997  ] [WESTERN STATES 1998      ] [TUCSON 98/SAN ANTONIO 99   ]
[BIRMINGHAM 1999  ] [AUSTIN 1999 ]

... using Mac Draw Pro 1.5 v1 (June 1992), a great old program from Claris (now Filemaker). This program still fitted comfortably with all demo files on a single floppy disc! The 1999 (and part of 1998) Slides were made with Adobe Illustrator.

Old Papers

Thes pages were on my old personal website at the university of Texas. The last update of the page (except adapting links) was in 1999.

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