Western States, Pasadena, 1998

    Weakly mixing tori of Hamiltonian systems

    Introduction and the result.

  1. Title of the talk
  2. The main result
  3. Dense but not generic situation
  4. From Arnold's interview
  5. Questions of Kolmogorov

    The Proof of the main result

  6. A result on 2 dim Tori
  7. A generalized Sklover theorem
  8. The Poincare trick
  9. Change of Frequency
  10. Putting things together

    An real Hamiltonian system with weakly mixing torus

  11. A double pendulum
  12. Weak mixing in the Solar system

    A conjecture on subexponential hyperbolic dynamical systems

  13. Subexponential growth measures by scaled Lyapunov exponents
  14. Results from Fourier theory indicate why the conjectures are reasonable.

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