Pasadena AMS meeting 1996

    Estimating the spectral measures of smooth flows on the torus

    Introduction and the result.

  1. Title of the talk
  2. ODE's on the torus
  3. History of the problem
  4. The main result

    Three pillars: ergodic theory, Fourier theory, measure theory

  5. Periodic Approximations
  6. Strichartz theorem
  7. Decomposition of measures

    A general result and the idea of the proof

  8. A result on the dimension
  9. The core of the proof
  10. Generic continuity
  11. A generalistion of a thm of Katok

    An application for Hamiltonian systems and open questions

  12. Weakly mixing tori of Hamilt.
  13. Open questions

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