Olivers Korg Piano The Korg "Concert 5000" Piano in Austin Texas in 1998 together with 2 Macs, 1 Linux, 1 Next and 1 Sun Sparc workstation.
The following improvisations were done on a 15 year old Korg Midi Piano connected to an apple IBook running the program Garageband. This OS X application breathed new life into the piano, which suffers from quite a few age-issues. The 200 pound piano had been travelling with us from Zürich to California, Arizona, Texas and finally to Massachusetts. I started piano lessons as a 6 year old and continued with various teachers until the end of high school. For one year, I had been fortunate to take classes with Sava Savoff, who taught me mostly Chopin and Debussy. Savoff who had once been the head of the "Zürich Konservatorium" had a unique teaching style: two wonderful grand pianos were crammed in a small room at his home in Maennedorf. He would sit on one, the student at the other. He knew all the pieces by heart and could demonstrate at any stage, how to play things better. While he demanded to practice 3 hours a day, I could only do 1 hour a day and had often also to pause from time to time to heal my fingers from rock climbing. I think, I must have been his worst student. At college I continued to play for relaxation. The experiments below are spontanous. Most of it, I could not repeat a second time.

Jan 28, 2006

Feb 4, 2006

Feb 11, 2006

Feb 18, 2006

Feb 25, 2006

Mar 5, 2006

Mar 19, 2006

Mar 24, 2006 (Improvisations on the Harvard Hymn)

Mar 25, 2006

Mar 19, 2006

Mar 29, 2006

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