Schilthorn-Piz Gloria-Lauterbrunnen flight, 1987

Here are some photos taken in the summer of 1987, while paragliding from the Schilthorn down to Lauterbrunnen. We started near the restaurant Piz Gloria, featured in the Bond Movie and landed in Lauterbrunnen, the village where ``Fräulein Bund" picks up James Bond from the train.

Before take off

The pictures have only been scanned recently from a family album. The color distortion is due to the almost 30 years of age of the photos. But it had only been a cheap throw away camera. Left: Oliver Knill, right Matthias knill with paragliders near the Schilthorn. Oliver and Matthias Knill near Schilthorn Piz Gloria

During flight

Picture taken by Oliver during the flight. The paragliders were very bad in those years. My brother actually touched with a foot one of the roofs of the village Mueren above the abyss. I had to land in Muerren and restart just above the abyss to fly down to Lauterbrunnen.

My paraglider

Picture taken during the flight

After restart

This place is now very popular for wingsuit flying. It is quite steep there. I re started the paraglider there.

Towards Lauterbrunnnen