David Ederi (Edrei) with a stamp showing the town of Zfat.
David Zion Chai Ederi with picture. Note that the birth year 1896 is wrong on this page. Ederi was born in 1888. 1896 was the birth year of his wife.
A poem by David Ederi.
In the 30ies, Ederi went again to Morocco. He died in Sifro (Marocco). The picture shows his stone in Sifro (Sefrou).
A picture of Malka Ederi, the wife of David Ederi with son Samuel and one daughter Rebecca. The birth year of Malka Ederi is probably 1896, not 1895, as indicated on this page.
A picture of Malka Ederi.
The house of Malka Ederi in Zfat.
Ederi went to Tashkent (then Turkistan) from 1914 to 1917. He was caught in the revolution of 1917 and went from Tashkent to Baghdad and from there to Palestine. The picture shows David Ederi (left) in Tashkent (Uspekistan) with friends in 1914.
The few years in Tashkent as a Rabbi, Teacher and Educator left their mark on the Jewish community there. Many of his students moved to Palestine.