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Hatsuma - a Hook-up question technique

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During the fall of 2003, our group was learning about the Hatsumon technique. A Hatsumon is a technique from Japanese lesson study which aims to stimulate the students thinking. The hatsumon is a "hook" designed to spark the curiosity about the lesson. It should be a "guiding question" for the particular topic. You find more details here. We were experimenting as a group with that technique in our own classes but in a modified form, where the hook up questions would spark the interest about the course and not for a particular lesson. The following examples are not tested but my own "exercices" in getting aquainted with the technique. They are untested yet in the "field".

In the fall of 2003, I had been teaching linear algebra. I chose as a Hatsumon the Good will hunting problem, (posed in the introductory meeting). The problem is of course too hard, but it appeared to me as one good motivation to learn linear algebra. There are many more.