Birkhoff sum project 2010
A quadratic map in two complex dimensionalal space
The quadratic map T(z,w)=(cz,w-wz)
Office: SciCtr 434

To illustrate an application to our Birkhoff sum, we introduced the following map in the two complex dimensional space C2
    (z,w)  = (c z, w-w z) 
where c=exp(2Pi i phi) is a constant complex number and where phi is the golden ratio. It is one of the simplest nonlinear maps in the complex plane one can think of. It does not have a interesting analogue in the real because |c|=1 is necessary to make the dynamics nontrivial. All the nontrivial dynamics of this map happens on |z|=1 where the log|wn| is equal to Sn/2 with our Birkhoff sum. For |z| larger than 1, the second coordinate explodes to infinity. For r=|z| smaller than one is understood by Gotttschalk Hedlund: the orbit is on a circle c(t) = (exp(i t), A(t)) where A(t) in C is a circle. How does this attractor look like when r is changed from 0 to 1? Animation.
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