OMNIVIS project 2009
Filters Mathematica
OMNIVIS: Omni-directional Vision
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Mathematica 7 has quite many image manipulation features.

A = Import["leman.jpg"]; w=Length[A[[1,1]]]; h=Length[A[[1]]]; 
B = ColorNegate[ImageMultiply[LaplacianFilter[A, 1], 1]];
What does the Laplacian Filter do? Here is an experiment: (you have to run this in a Mathematica notebook. For reasons which do not make sense, Mathematica does not render this when run without a notebook):
A = Table[k+l, {k,10},{l,10}]; 
S = GraphicsArray[ Table[ListDensityPlot[LaplacianFilter[A, k], 
    ColorFunction -> Hue, Frame -> False, Axes -> False], {k, 1, 5}]];
It is not the standard Laplacien as one can see when runnning it on a general matrix:
LaplacianFilter[{{a, b, c}, {d, e, f}, {g, h, i}}, 1]
The multiplication is illustrated as follows:
A = Import["leman.jpg"]; B = Dilation[A,3]; 

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