OMNIVIS project 2009
Some diary
OMNIVIS: Omni-directional Vision
Office: SciCtr 434
  • January: thesis planning and proposal writing
  • February 15th 2009: thesis accepted.
  • February: work on Mathematica implementations. Mathematica has performance problem when dealing with movies.
  • March-: literature reading.
  • March-Mai: C implementation: several smoothing and scale levels, edge and corner detection.
  • End Mai: correspondence problem works.
  • June-July: work on corner detection, real bot, thesis writing start
  • August-September: writing, calibration problem looks tougher than initially anticipated
  • October: Conference in Japan.
  • November: rewrite of tracking with less complexity (no parallel processing of different smoothness scales)
  • December: tracking refinement. Finishing up.


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