The Liberator

Slate: For those new to 3D printing, there are 2 things about the Objet model that make it truly unique: ONE is that it features various opaque 3D printed objects suspended within a clear, smooth 3D printed transparent body - yet the entire part is printed in a single step. This is the only technology in the world capable of jetting and segregating different materials within a homogenously grown part. And TWO is the incredible fine detail resolution achieved!! Check out that micro-scaled skeletal hand, spring coil and Eiffel Tower in relation to the size of the lines on my fingers# Objet Connex - a combination of 16 micron resolution and simultaneous multiple material jetting. This year's RAPID show was a huge success for Objet - and according to many exhibitors - one of the busiest shows they've seen in years. As well as the Objet Connex system on display, there was great interest around our brand new Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer. As you can see below, we managed to display the machine along with some of the 3D printed models and furniture that was featured in the now well-known Objet30 Pro short movie that's been the focus of this blog for the last week.