Printers to the moon?

Image Source. From 3-D printing may be the wave of the future, but the technique-which is shaking up how architects, scientists, arms manufacturers and countless others go about their trade-will also now redeem the past. Our story begins some 3,300 years ago, when a rampaging army ransacked the town of Nuzi whose ruins now lie southwest of the modern day Iraqi city of Kirkuk. The conquerors-the Assyrians, one of the more bullying empires of Mesopotamian antiquity-overran the town's defenses, burned down its buildings, slaughtered or enslaved its inhabitants and looted its temples. What was not plundered was left, in many instances, smashed, tossed down wells and discarded in the smoldering wreck of the city. And there it lay for millennia until a team of archaeologists spearheaded by a number of American universities excavated the site in 1930 and unearthed its broken treasures. (...)