Large printers

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The printer is the size of a bedroom and dispenses metal instead of ink. Researchers at Swinburne University believe this 3D printing machine could help to save Australia's manufacturing industry. It prints metal objects in layers based on computer-designed plans. It can produce complex metal shapes in steel, chromium or cobalt that can be used in engineering materials. In the latest breakthrough Professor Syed Masood has developed a technique to dramatically speed up the process for manufacturing metal parts. The Age News Picture by Wayne Taylor 13th August 2012 Dr Syed Masood with a 3D printing machine at Swinburne Uni Hawthorn, which could help save manufacturing. An example of what the machine can do. Professor Masood has experimented with the composition of metal tools that manufacturers use to produce objects such as car components. He has used the Direct Metal Deposition machine to combine copper and steel in new quantities and layers, allowing molten metal tools to cool down much faster than was previously possible. This slashes lengthy waiting periods from the process of producing metal parts.