DRM Patent for 3D printing

Rorrent freek, October 12, 2012:

From the article:

During the next 20 years the 3D printer will be the bogeyman affecting 
industries both far and wide and large and small, by giving the man in the 
street the ability to print physical objects as easily as he can print a 
family photo today.
Downloading a car - or a pair of sneakers - will be entirely possible, 
although Ford and Nike won't be particularly happy if people use their 
designs to do so. However, if The Pirate Bay have their way, that's exactly what will happen.
A reader on Slashdot points out"
That this is a patent covering 3D printing is a misunderstanding of the patent by TFA. 
The patent doesn't talk about 3D printers but manufacturing machinery, defined 
broad enough to include almost anything from CNC machines to casting. They don't 
have to wait until 3D printers become commonplace, because this patent covers much