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Fall, 2019: I teach Math 21a this fall. New in graph geometry: Energized complexes [ArXIV]. (A few slides.) Some notes from Professional norms in math. A simple sphere theorem ArXiv). A PDE lecture. Poincare-Hopf for vector fields [ArXIV] and more [ArXIV].
Summer, 2019: I teach Maths21a. New: Numbers and Graphs and slides. A Parametrized Poincare-Hopf and slides. Travel: I, II and III, IV and V. Summer: I. The energy of a simplicial complex [PDF]. Tech: Povray is great. New in graph geometry: Counting Matrix [PDF].
Spring, 2019: I teach Math 22b. Winter photos: Nantucket I, and II. New in graph geometry: A Reeb sphere theorem in Graph theory. Winter Harvard I, II, III. Some Plumber stories. New graph geometry: the average simplex cardinality and Dehn-Sommerville from Gauss-Bonnet and slides and blog entry and Gauss-Bonnet. Spring photos.
Fall, 2018: I teach Math 22a this fall (Catch 22!). More Summer photos (I), (II), (III). Eulerian Edge refinements, geodesics, billiards and sphere coloring [ArXiv], see also the blog entry on the Euler Game. In the Mathtable talk on Goldbach, showed also a clip from Fermat's room. Fall photos: (I), (II) with Bacow inauguration, (III). Cartan's Magic Formula [ArXiv]. Fall/Winter photos (IV) with khipus. (IV) with CS50 fair.
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