Jonathan J. Zhu

I just completed my PhD at Harvard University, working under Prof. Bill Minicozzi and Prof. Shing-Tung Yau. Starting in September 2018 I will be an NSF Postdoc.

Research Interests: Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis; particularly minimal surfaces and mean curvature flow.

Some papers:

  1. Min-max theory for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces. (with Xin Zhou) Preprint.
  2. Moving-centre monotonicity formulae for minimal submanifolds and related equations. J. Funct. Anal., 274:1530-1552 (2018). Published version.
  3. First stability eigenvalue of singular minimal hypersurfaces in spheres. Preprint.
  4. On the entropy of closed hypersurfaces and singular self-shrinkers. Preprint.
  5. On the rigidity of mean convex self-shrinkers. (with Qiang Guang) To appear in Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN. Published version.
  6. Rigidity and Curvature Estimates for Graphical Self-shrinkers. (with Qiang Guang) Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations, 56:176 (2017). Published version.
  7. Minimal hypersurfaces with small first eigenvalue in manifolds of positive Ricci curvature, J. Topol. Anal., 9:505-532 (2017). Published version.

A list of my papers may also be found on the arXiv; additionally my Research page contains some brief descriptions.

Office: 505d Science Centre
Email: jjzhu {at}