Jonathan J. Zhu

I am currently a fifth year graduate student at Harvard University, working under Prof. Bill Minicozzi and Prof. Shing-Tung Yau.

Research Interests: Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis; particularly minimal surfaces and mean curvature flow.

Some papers:

  1. Min-max theory for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces. (with Xin Zhou) Preprint.
  2. Moving-centre monotonicity formulae for minimal submanifolds and related equations. To appear in J. Funct. Anal.. Published version.
  3. First stability eigenvalue of singular minimal hypersurfaces in spheres. Preprint.
  4. On the entropy of closed hypersurfaces and singular self-shrinkers. Preprint.
  5. On the rigidity of mean convex self-shrinkers. (with Qiang Guang) To appear in Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN. Published version.
  6. Rigidity and Curvature Estimates for Graphical Self-shrinkers. (with Qiang Guang) Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations, 56:176 (2017). Published version.
  7. Minimal hypersurfaces with small first eigenvalue in manifolds of positive Ricci curvature, J. Topol. Anal., 9:505-532 (2017). Published version.

A list of my papers may also be found on the arXiv; additionally my Research page contains some brief descriptions.

Office: 505d Science Centre
Email: jjzhu {at}