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Research Interests

My research as a graduate student has involved the arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves. Research drafts incoming.

Teaching Resources

Math 1a, Fall 2014: Math 21b, Fall 2015:

Course Notes

Notes may contain inaccuracies. Be careful when reading them, especially items that have been flagged as To Do or Fix Me. Be sure to notify me of any corrections, confusion, suggestions for improvement (such as addition of links), etc.

All notes are pdf files (for now, at least).

Course Name Term
Theory of Schemes 2011-12
Geometry of Algebraic Curves F 2011
Lie Groups S 2012
Algebraic Topology S 2012
Abelian Varieties S 2012
Analytic Theory of Modular Forms S 2012
Computational Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry F 2012
Geometry of Families of Curves F 2012
Algebraic Number Theory S 2013
Representation Theory S 2013
Toric Geometry S 2013
Tropical Geometry S 2013
Topics in Automorphic Forms F 2013
Gromov-Witten Theory F 2013
Diophantine Geometry S 2014
Pure Motives and Rigid Local Systems S 2014
Tamagawa Numbers of Algebraic Groups Over Function Fields S 2014
Representation Theory 2 F 2014
Algebraic Invariants of Knots F 2014

Seminar Notes

Seminar Name Term Seminar Link
Mordell Conjecture S 2012 Link
p-adic Hodge Theory F 2012 No link
Mazur's Torsion Theorem F 2012 Link
Automorphic Representations S 2013 Link
Gross-Zagier F 2013 Link