AWM Session on Intersections of Mathematics and Math Education: Research and Practice K-20

Brown University, September 2011

Research in Mathematics Education: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Karen Graham, University of New Hampshire

A Mathematics Education Researcher's Travels: Perspectives on Mathematics Education Research from Academia, Government, and Professional Societies
Karen King, New York University

Helping Students with Proving: A Tale of Two Whole Class Teaching Experiments
Annie Selden, New Mexico State University

Teacher's Specialized Content Knowledge: Preparing Future Elementary School Teachers to Teach Mathematic
Suzanne Chapin, Boston University

Is one of these things not like the others? Comparing Math for America with other national teacher preparation and professional development programs
Katherine Socha, Math for America

Common Sense and Mathematics: The Role of Quantitative Reasoning in Teacher Education and K-12 Instruction
Maura B. Mast, University of Massachusetts, Boston

The Common Core State Standards: What the Standards for Mathematical Practice Can Mean for Teachers and Mathematicians Juliana Belding, Harvard University and Ginger Warfield, University of Washington