Moduli Spaces and Dynamics

An Informal Seminar

Organized by C. McMullen

Harvard University
Wednesdays, 4pm, room 530 SC

Ergodic Theory of Foliations of Surfaces
- On break for Spring 2019 -


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Seminar Notes


Course notes on Teichmueller Theory
Course notes on Ergodic Theory
Geodesic planes in hyperbolic 3-manifolds (McMullen-Mohammadi-Oh)
Billiards and Teichmueller curves on Hilbert modular surfaces (McMullen)
Horocycle dynamics: New invariants and eigenform loci in the stratum H(1,1) (Bainbridge-Smillie-Weiss)
Counterexample for horocycle flow on moduli space (Chaika-Smillie-Weiss)
Counterexamples to a conjecture of Woods (Regev-Shapiras-Weiss)