Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132
PD: postdoc BP: Benjamin Peirce lectureship EM: emeritus professor GR: graduate student JF: junior fellow FP: full professor PP: professor of the practice of mathematics SP: senior preceptor PR: preceptor ST: department staff SF: Simons fellow FE: Fellow LE: lecturer SL: senior lecturer RA: research associate VI: visitor (mathcircle) CA: computer assistant VS: visiting scholar VP: visiting professor
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PDF of latest Directory | Note that the CMSA has moved to the CMSA building at 20 Garden Street.


Photo Last, First Office Telephone Email
Armstrong, Maureen (ST) Maureen Armstrong office: 332 tel:51980
Maureen Armstrong (ST)
Brentana, Pamela (ST) Pamela Brentana office: 325 tel:55334
Pamela Brentana (ST)
Cala, Roana (ST) Roana Cala office: 325 tel:52171
Roana Cala (ST)
Chen, Diana (ST) Diana Chen office: 325a tel:64518
Diana Chen (ST)
Gaer, Arthur (ST) Arthur Gaer office: 426g tel:51610
Arthur Gaer (ST)
Gontar, Alex (ST) Alex Gontar office: 242h tel:61986
Alex Gontar (ST)
Jimenez, Cindy (ST) Cindy Jimenez office: 334 tel:59116
Cindy Jimenez (ST)
Kennedy, Larissa (ST) Larissa Kennedy office: 331 tel:65211
Larissa Kennedy (ST)
Kreslavskaya, Anna (ST) Anna Kreslavskaya office: 320 tel:51946
Anna Kreslavskaya (ST)
LaBauve, Sarah (ST) Sarah LaBauve office: 103G tel:65421
Sarah LaBauve (ST)
Leon-Guerrero, Gaby (ST) Gaby Leon-Guerrero office: 325 tel:52141
Gaby Leon-Guerrero (ST)
Milano, Susan (ST) Susan Milano office: 308 tel:64203
Susan Milano (ST)
Miller, Nancy (ST) Nancy Miller office: 337 tel:52147
Nancy Miller (ST)
Minder, Irene (ST) Irene Minder office: 329 tel:52170
Irene Minder (ST)
Patino, Andrea (ST) Andrea Patino office: 323 tel:69200
Andrea Patino (ST)
Trinh, Cynthia (ST) Cynthia Trinh office: 103G tel:55615
Cynthia Trinh (ST)
Maureen ArmstrongJDG Editorial Assistant332
Pamela BrentanaFaculty Assistant 325
Tiffany ChanStaff Assistant 325
Arthur GaerSystem Administrator 426g
Susan GilbertGraduate Program Administrator 331
Alex GontarCMP Editorial Assistant 242h
Cynthia JimenezUndergraduate Program Coordinator 334
Anna KreslavskayaSenior Research Administrator 325a
Sarah LabauveAdministrative Coordinator (Center of Math Sci Appl) 333i
Susan Milano Calculus Coordinator 308
Nancy Miller Birkhoff Library Librarian 337
Roberta MillerStaff Assistant 325
Irene Minder Director of Administration and Finance 329
Nathalie MoralesFinancial Associate 323
Andrea PatinoFinancial Administrator 323

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