Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132
PD: postdoc BP: Benjamin Peirce lectureship EM: emeritus professor GR: graduate student JF: junior fellow FP: full professor PP: professor of the practice of mathematics SP: senior preceptor PR: preceptor ST: department staff SF: Simons fellow LE: lecturer SL: senior lecturer RA: research associate VI: visitor (mathcircle) CA: computer assistant VS: visiting scholar VP: visiting professor

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Photo Last, First Office Telephone Email
Elkies, Noam (FP) Noam Elkies office: 335 tel:54625
email:@ math
Noam Elkies (FP)
Gaitsgory, Dennis (FP) Dennis Gaitsgory office: 338 tel:55363
email:@ math
Dennis Gaitsgory (FP)
Gottlieb, Robin (PP) Robin Gottlieb office: 430 tel:57882
email:@ math
Robin Gottlieb (PP)
Gross, Benedict (FP) Benedict Gross office: 506 tel:59063
email:@ math
Benedict Gross (FP)
Harris, Joseph (FP) Joseph Harris office: 339 tel:55335
email:@ math
Joseph Harris (FP)
Hopkins, Michael (FP) Michael Hopkins office: 508 tel:69520
email:@ math
Michael Hopkins (FP)
Jaffe, Arthur (FP) Arthur Jaffe office: L338 tel:54320
email:@ math
Arthur Jaffe (FP)
Kazhdan, David (EM) David Kazhdan office: Huji tel:TelHuji
email:@ math
David Kazhdan (EM)
Kisin, Mark (FP) Mark Kisin office: 234 tel:61516
email:@ math
Mark Kisin (FP)
Kronheimer, Peter (FP) Peter Kronheimer office: 343 tel:55745
email:@ math
Peter Kronheimer (FP)
Lurie, Jacob (FP) Jacob Lurie office: 514 tel:59493
email:@ math
Jacob Lurie (FP)
Mazur, Barry (FP) Barry Mazur office: 512 tel:53352
email:@ math
Barry Mazur (FP)
McMullen, Curtis (FP) Curtis McMullen office: 521 tel:50396
email:@ math
Curtis McMullen (FP)
Mumford, David (EM) David Mumford office: Brown University tel:TelBrown
David Mumford (EM)
Nowak, Martin (FP) Martin Nowak office: One Brattle Sq, Suite 6 tel:64737
    Martin Nowak (FP)
    Sacks, Gerald (EM) Gerald Sacks office: 537 tel:54825
    email:@ math
    Gerald Sacks (EM)
    Schmid, Wilfried (FP) Wilfried Schmid office: 519 tel:57840
    email:@ math
    Wilfried Schmid (FP)
    Siu, Yum-Tong (FP) Yum-Tong Siu office: 511 tel:53790
    email:@ math
    Yum-Tong Siu (FP)
    Sternberg, Shlomo (FP) Shlomo Sternberg office: 510 tel:51727
    email:@ math
    Shlomo Sternberg (FP)
    Tate, John (EM) John Tate office: 342 tel:58877
    email:@ math
    John Tate (EM)
    Taubes, Cliff (FP) Cliff Taubes office: 504 tel:55579
    email:@ math
    Cliff Taubes (FP)
    Woodin, Hugh (FP) Hugh Woodin office: - tel:-
    email:@ math
    Hugh Woodin (FP)
    Yau, Horng-Tzer (FP) Horng-Tzer Yau office: 240 tel:68425
    email:@ math
    Horng-Tzer Yau (FP)
    Yau, Shing-Tung (FP) Shing-Tung Yau office: 340 tel:50836
    email:@ math
    Shing-Tung Yau (FP)

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