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  1. Office programs in Unix (OS X or Linux):
  2. Conversion of Word documents to ASCII Text
    • Essentially all office applications allow to save the document as text.
    • The OS X application "TextEdit" allows to open word documents.
    • wvWare, a library which allows access to Microsoft Word files. It is installed on many linux system.
               wvText  worddocument.doc  textdocument.txt
    • The unix program "strings" allows to extract everything readable in the word document.
               strings  worddocument.doc > textdocument.txt
  3. LaTeX helper programs
  4. Start with Staroffice on Solaris
    The installation will create a folder in your directory. You find there a program "soffice".
    Staroffice files on Abel are located in the directory /usr/local/vendor/staroffice6.0.

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