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Wireless computer networking is available in most of the Science Center.

To utilize wireless networking, you will need a standard 802.11b wireless adapter in your laptop. Apple Airport cards work fine, as well as any wireless adapters for PC laptops.

You will simply need to set the SSID of the adapter to set to

Harvard University

Note that this name is case sensitive and the space between the two words is necessary. To register your adapter, you should automatically be directoed to the registration procedure.

Some remarks

  • Wireless networking does not replace wired networking in individual offices: it is slower, less reliable, and less secure.
  • 802.11a is a newer standard at a different radio frequency that is incompatible with the 802.11b access points utilized throughout Harvard and most other external locations.
  • Note that the Mathematics department library is a laptop free zone.
  • If you should teach in an other building and need the network connection, check first whether you have a connection. Some buildings do not yet have wireless and even in some lecture rooms at the science center, the signal is weak.


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