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Nim is statically typed, imperative programming language which runs on all major platforms. It can generate C++ or objective C code and can therefore be good to generate fast and small executables without dependencies.
Here is an example
from strutils import parseInt
type person  = tuple[name: string, age: int, profession: string]
var  p:  person 
var name: string = readLine(stdin)
echo("Hi,",name, "! age?")
var age:  int = parseInt(readLine(stdin))
echo(name, "What is your profession?
var profession:  string = readLine(stdin)
p = (name: name, age: age, profession: profession)
echo(," ",repr(p.age)," ",p.profession)

compile with 
nim compile test.nim

Simplicity, Clarity, Generality B.W. Kernighan, R. Pike, in "The Practice of Programming".