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To set up a printer from Mac OS X at the Math department, for example from a wireless laptop, add a network printer with name Remarks:
  • all the public printers can duplex (two sided) except lw4 (the second floor printer).
  • If you want to have duplex printing as default, choose from the print dialogue
    File -> Print Layout -> Two Sided | Long-Edge Binding -> Presets: Save As: Duplex.
  • If you want to switch duplexing on and off on a per-job basis, via the following steps: (using Preview as the example program)
    File -> Print -> Layout -> Two-Sided | long edge binding
  • Where did the printing options dialog go in Leopard? It is hidden behind the triangle near the printer name. Look at the bottom of this page.

Using HP Jet Direct (Prefered)

In the printer setup utility, chose HP Jet Direct-Socket and enter the address of the printer like

Chose Duplex Unit.

In the Print->Layout menu, chose Long-edged binding

Using LPD (for non HP printers)

Use this also for HP printers, if the above method should not work.

Printer dialog for leopard

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