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Milano - Bicocca
Higher-dimensional superconformal theories from string theory
on Friday, May 29, 2015, at 2:00 PM in Science Center 507
In dimensions higher than four, the structure of interacting quantum field theories becomes more mysterious. In string theory several higher-dimensional theories arise naturally. The most famous example is the elusive "(2,0) theory" living on the M-theory fivebranes, but many other constructions are possible, using singularities or D-brane intersections. Learning about these theories can teach us about both quantum field theory and about string theory. In these lectures, I will present a selection of old and new results in this field. After some observations in field theory, I will review the situation for six dimensions. Here we know the maximally supersymmetric (2,0) theory mentioned above, but more recently we are also learning quite a bit about (1,0) theories, and perhaps we are getting close to a classification, using both AdS/CFT and F-theory as our tools.In five dimensions, many theories can be realized in several dual ways (in IIA, IIB, M-theory), and I will show some conjectural connections to the six-dimensional ones, sometimes after compactifying to four dimensions. Organized by Shing-Tung Yau and Jonathan Mboyo Esole.