Harvard University,FAS
Summer 2002

Mathematics MathS21a
Summer 2002

Multivariable Calculus

Daniel Goroff and Oliver Knill

Email: smath21a@math.harvard.edu
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The following email has been sent to each of you on August 8, 2002. If you should not have got it for some reason, here is a copy:

Hi *****! 
a few announcements:

 - The final will take place Wednesday August 14 9:15-12:15 
   in the Science Center Hall C. No calculators are accepted,
   a one page summary is allowed as during the first two 
   midterms. The final will be proctored by the registrars 
   office but one of us will be there at the beginning and
   the end of the exam. 

 - There will be a review session on Monday August 12, 9:30
   in Emerson 101.

 - As a preparation for the final, we offer some practice
   problems. We use webwork, a web based tool: go to the page 
   Click on the big login button. Type your Username
   and Password provided below (The Username is 
   Case sensitive. Type it in exactly as it is).
   You will get an individual problem set. 
   You can work on it as long an as you want, come back
   to the page as often as you want. You can also print out
   a hard copy and work on it away from the computer. Try 
   each problem until you can solve it correctly. You can 
   discuss the problem with a friend (who will have different
   numerical data in his or her problem). 

 - True/False practice problems will be offered too and will 
   be available during the weekend on the Exams website. 

 - The 7'th homework is due Tuesday August 13 at
   17:00 latest in Jon's mailbox. 
 - The 8'th homework (either Mathematica, the challenge
   problems or the project) is due Monday August 12 in the review 
   class. Details about the 8'th problem set can be found on 
   the homework website. 

 - Keep tuned on the course website


For webwork go to http://ulam.fas.harvard.edu/webwork/math21a/
Your webwork Username:   *****
Your webwork Password:   *****

Please send comments to maths21a@fas.harvard.edu