Math 21a CA Sessions

The weekly CA problem sessions will begin the week of February 9th.

Time Section Email* CA CA Email** Session Room
MWF 9 John Hall hall Daniel Pershey dpershey Wed 7 PM SC 103B Note new time and place!
MWF 10 Janet Chen jjchen Beatrice Liem bliem Thu 7:30 PM SC 103B
Andrew Ostergaard osterg Mon 8 PM SC 411
MWF 11 Peter Garfield garfield Michael Diodato mdiodato Sun 7 PM SC 411
Daniel Mark dmark Thu 6 PM SC 411
MWF 12 Peter Garfield garfield Justin Grosslight jgrossl Tue 7:30 PM SC 310
TTH 10 Jun Yin jyin Jenny Wang wang24 Mon 4 PM SC 310
Head CA Anna Marie Wagner awagner