Harvard University,FAS
Spring 2003

Mathematics Math21a
Spring 2003

Multivariable Calculus

Course Head: Oliver knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Email: knill@math.harvard.edu
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Projects are worth 5% of the course credit. They are due the last day of class (Mai 1 or Mai 2).
  1. Mathematica Lab. This project involves learning to use Mathematica for drawing curves, surfaces, vector fields, and to do computations. More instructions to get started can be found in the notebook. Download it and open it in Mathematica. The assignment is at the end of the document.
  2. Challenge Problems. Throughout the term, we are posting challenge problems on the course website through links on the homework page. These problems are less routine than the homework exercises. You need 20 * stars to get full credit.
  3. Your Own Idea. You can also design your own project. Topics related to other fields and applications are encouraged,

Please send comments to math21a@fas.harvard.edu

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