Math 21 a Math21a, Fall 2001
Course Head: Prof. Clifford H. Taubes

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FAQ Mathematica Assignments

Suchanan surface, one of the winners of last years 2. Assignment competition If you are stuck and have a question which is not answered here, send e-mail describing your problem to
Installation problems on Macintoshs:
  • Q: I unstuffed the file, got a password, and the installer seemed to be running fine until it was about 75 percent done, when it suddenly said, "Cannot find file: Mathematica,"
    A: Is a bug in the installer. Try to make a custom install where you install each component seperately.
    An other hack (thanks Darren!) is to change the name of the "Mathematica 4.1" application to "Mathematica" and then do the installation.
  • Q: During the installation, I get an "error of type -39".
    • mac_mma41.sea thinks it's a self-expanding archive, but it's not. Expand it by draggin it on to the Stuffit Expander icon.
    • The error can also happen, if you install from a medium different than your local harddrive.
    • The error can also occur if an older unstuffing software is used. You can download the latest version of Stuffit Expander here.
How do I print at the Science Center? See the Printing guide of HASCS. Note that you need to have a printing budget .
I tried to print my notebook but there is no printout. 1) You might have no printing budget. The printer would spit out a page telling this. \\ 2) You might have written the notebook to a PS file on your computer instead of sending it to the printer (you can chose so at the printing dialog box).
I want to save paper. How do I print out only a part of the notebook. Chose "print selection" instead of "print" in the Mathematica notebook. The selected cells will be printed. Alternatively, open a new notebook, cut and paste the part you need to turn in into the new notebook and print that out.
I have problem running Mathematica on a G4 Macintosh in the Basement of the Science Center. At the first evaluation, the program asks me for a "Math Link program to Launch". Mathematica runs on a server. It can happen taht the program can have problems with finding the Math kernel (which is a seperate program). In the window asking for the Math Link program, choose "General Software/Math & Statistics/Mathematica 4.0/Executables/Power Mac/Math Kernel". It will then take some time until the Kernel is fetched from the server and the first evaluation can be done.
How do I see which printers are available under Unix Type at the Unix Promt
lpstat -a
To print a PS file "" on Printer scb11c, type
lpr -Pscb11c
To see, what is in the queue:
lpq -Pscb11c

Last update, 9/25/2001