Math 21a Math21a, Fall 2001
Course Head: Prof. Clifford H. Taubes

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  • A study guide and practice exams for the final are available on the exams page.
  • The final takes place at 9:15 on Tuesday, January 22. Students with last names starting with letters from A-Foley are to report to Science Center Lecture Hall A. Those with last names starting with letters from Fr-Z are to report to Science Center Lecture Hall B. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time as the proctors start the exams promptly. See also the calendar.
  • The Question center QC will be open during reading period.


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Instructor officeemailoffice hours
D. Arinkin 425carinkin@mathMo 2-3,Fr11-12
P. Bamberg 425a Tu11:30-12,Th:9:30-10:30
C. Cornut 322 cornut@math Mo 4-5, We 1:30-3
J. Kaplan 428bjkaplan@math Tu/Th 3-4
K. Karu 514 kkaru@math Wed/Fri 2-4
O. Knill 434 knill@math Tue/Thu 10-11
M. Libine 425dmatvei@math Mo 2-3 Th 3-4
M. Liu 536 ccliu@math Mo 4-5, Thu 2:30-3:30
C. Taubes (Course head) 504 chtaubes@math Mo9:30-11,Fr2-3:30, January: Mo/Fr 11:30-1
S. Williams 421e williamss@math Tue 4

Problem sessions

SESSION  TA                OFFICE EMAIL    CLASS   CA                  TEL    EMAIL           PROBLEM SESSION  

MWF9     Melissa Liu       536    ccliu    SC101b  David Freeman       3-3454 freeman@fas     Tue8:30-9:30 SC216
MWF10    Christophe Cornut 322    cornut   SC110   Nick Shiftan        3-2151 shiftan@fas     Tue7-8 SC111
MWF10    Matvei Libine     304    matvei   SC304   Ryan Browne         3-2131 rrbrowne@fas    Mo7:30-9  SC209
MWF10    Oliver Knill      434    knill    SC216   Vagish Hemmige      3-2734 hemmige@fas     Th 6-7:30 SC113
MWF10    Dima Arinkin      425c   arinkin  SC102b  Michael Simonetti   3-6130 msimonet@fas    Mo 8:30-10 SC310
MWF10    Jonathan Kaplan   428b   jkaplan  SC112   Jeff Berton         3-6034 berton@fas      Mo6-7:30 SC209
MWF11    Cliff Taubes      504    chtaubes SC110   Gloria Hou          3-6136 ghou@fas        Mo3-4 Em104 
MWF12    Dima Arinkin      425c   arinkin  SC109   Roger Hong          3-2215 rhong@fas       Tue4-5 SC309
MWF12    Kalle Karu        514    kkaru    SC102b  Ioana Gradinaru     3-2662 gradinar@fas    Su7 SC216
TTH10    Paul Bamberg      508    bamberg  SC209   Bill Zaientz        3-3354 zaientz@fas     Mo 6-7:30 SC216
TTH11.5  Sam Williams      421e   sam      SC110   Bryant Mathews      3-7011 bmathews@fas    Th9-10AM SC304

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