Math 21 a Math21a, Fall 2000
Course Head: Prof. Clifford H. Taubes
Dini surface: surface of constant negative curvature,
	  Picture by O.Knill (with Mathematica 4.0, Povray 3.1 on Linux),
		 Fall 2000 Math21a

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Selection of Surfaces (Mathematica Assignment 2)

Suchanan surface ( bigger )
Below you find a selection of the great variety of surfaces proposed for the Mathematica assignment 2. Two surfaces are implemented in Java (proceed to these links only with Java enabled), the Champagne glass and the Rounded Tetrahedron .

P. Patel L. Wang Suchanan K. Shen A. Yesilevsky S. Li
R. Yeh C. Taylor M. van Wagenberg J. Wilson E. Wang A. Mess

Last update, 11/19/2000