Math 21 a Math21a, Fall 2000
Course Head: Prof. Clifford H. Taubes
Dini surface: surface of constant negative curvature,
	  Picture by O.Knill (with Mathematica 4.0, Povray 3.1 on Linux),
		 Fall 2000 Math21a

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Selection of Curves (Mathematica Assignment 1)

Deborah Leong Curve
The variety and quality of the submitted curves was amazing! A tremendous creativity was unleashed. We selected 10 curves. There were many more which were great work-but we had to choose.
Our criteria were originality, estetic and reproduceability. For example, the shape of the curve should not depend on the number of sampling points. Often, beautiful polygonal curves were obtained, where the path-length was too long in comparison to the choice of the "Plotpoints" parameter. In this case, changing that number would change the shape of the curve completely . Also, the submitted formula had to be printed out in Mathematica input form.

R.Collins S.Lee P.Medley R.Yeh D.Leong
B.Shaffer E.Zimmerman M.Canning C.McCuster N.Sniffan

Last update, 10/29/2000