Math 21 a Math21a, Fall 2000
Course Head: Prof. Clifford H. Taubes
Dini surface: surface of constant negative curvature

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If you are stuck and have a question which is not answered here, send e-mail describing your problem to .
How do I print at the Science Center? See the Printing guide of HASCS . Note that you need to have a printing budget .
I tried to print my notebook but there is no printout. You might have no printing budget. The printer would spit out a page telling this. You might have written the notebook to a PS file on your computer instead of sending it to the printer (you can chose so at the printing dialog box).
I want to save paper. How do I print out only a part of the notebook. Chose "print selection" instead of "print". The selected cells will be printed. Alternatively, open a new notebook, cut and paste the part you need to turn in into the new notebook and print that out.
I have problem running Mathematica on a G4 Macintosh in the Basement of the Science Center. At the first evaluation, the program asks me for a "Math Link program to Launch". Since Mathematica is running on a server, the Mathematica program can have problems with finding the Math kernel (which is a seperate program). In the window asking for the Math Link program, choose "General Software/Math & Statistics/Mathematica 4.0/Executables/Power Mac/Math Kernel". It will then take some time until the Kernel is fetched from the server and the first evaluation can be done. But afterwords, things should get smooth.

Last update, 9/23/2000